We Are Into Business Not Politics

Hello family, friends, allies, love ones, haters, well wishers and associates near and afar, we have entered another electioneering era ribght, where campaigns will be intensifying and where politicians, their supporters or loyalists will do various printing jobs. True or false!?

Now can we get one thing straight? I Preye Tambou, as CAC Business Registration Agent, Author of published books and the Founder/CEO of EDGEWISE PRINTING PRESS an affiliate/subsidiary of EDGEWISE GROUP located in Warri, Delta State, don’t play politics with my business. My company Edgewise Group is 11years from September 2, 2011 to September 2, 2022.

My company don’t know who is APC, PDP, APGA, SDP, any political party or opponent. We don’t sharing politucal activities to our company social media groups and websites. Don’t use politics, party difference, or political interest as excuse not to patronize me and my business. Yes I am a party person however not to the extent of abandoning or playing politics with my business.

In fact, the politicians in my political party don’t care enough as much as to give me jobs as others do. Sincerely speaking, the people who have really helped me and patronised my business in the past are more from other political parties than my party. All thanks to them.

At Edgewise Printing Press, we offer all manners of printing solutions ranging from printing of campaign/advert Banners, Posters, Branded T-Shirts, Face Caps, Door & Car Stickers, Car Flags, Car Branding, souvenirs, Umbrellas, Key Holders, Paper Tags, Tickets, Note Books, Bags, Jotters, Plastic ID card, Brochures, Event Programs, Calenders, Receipts & Invoice, Mugs, Glass Cups, Tumblers, Plastic Woods, Metals, Ceramics, Pens Leather, Personalized Slippers, Slide & Phone Case, Book Publishing and general printing at affordable price.

We print for Individuals, Churches, Bars, Lounge, Restaurants, Events, Schools, Hotels, Association, Clubs, Youth Groups, Politicians and Political Parties etc

You cannot claim to like me, act like my friend and well wisher where you carry jobs and contract that I do to give to another. You cannot claim to love me or have my interest where you take my opportunity and give to others. Why are you my well wisher if you cannot patronize or recommend me or my product to others? What are friends for!

Business is an independent corporate entity different from individual private and public life. Don’t mix it. In business we have different class of people as workers, staff or employees from different background, ethnic group, academic discipline and school of thoughts devoid of political interest.

We are open for your patronage anyday anytime and anywhere. Distance is no barrier. We deliver to wherever you are.

Call or WhatsApp me 08133040633, 08126302915 for business patronage only.

Our dream must not die.


Preye Tambou
Group CEO, Edgewise Group

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